Cash Management

Cash Management

We offer a suite of services designed to cut down time spent on administrative tasks, increase accuracy, and save your business money.

Sweep Accounts

Make your money work for you. This service automatically moves excess funds from your State Bank business checking account to a separate investment account — overnight. If the account drops below the amount needed to cover outstanding checks, funds are transferred back. Take idle balances and turn them into profit generators for your business.

  • Maximize funds
  • Increase profitability
  • Linked to your State Bank business checking account(s)
  • Excess funds automatically swept to an interest-bearing account
  • Funds automatically sweep back to checking account when needed
  • Pricing determined by earnings credits on balances maintained
Zero Balance Account

Simplify bookkeeping and account management. A Zero Balance Account is a cost-effective means to manage separate accounts for distinct units, stores, or divisions while eliminating idle balances. This account remains at zero.

When you need to write a check, transfer the exact amount over from another account. Ideal for companies with multiple divisions, stores, or operations that want automatic funds movement and the ability to track accounts separately.

  • Designed for larger businesses with multiple accounts
  • Simplify bookkeeping and accounting
  • Save money
  • Eliminate idle balances
  • Track accounts separately