Auto Loan

Auto Loan

We have competitive low rates for new or used cars and trucks. Get pre-approved or refinance for a lower rate to save money.


If you're itching to get into a new car or truck, we offer auto loans at low rates. Better yet, come see us to get pre-approved before you head out to the car lot, and have better bargaining power.

We also offer refinancing — save money on an existing loan by getting a lower rate. Come talk to a State Bank lender about how you can get started.

  • Finance a new or used car or truck
  • Competitive rates
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Easy to apply
  • Other options to save money:
  • Get pre-approved for better bargaining power
  • Refinance an existing loan for a lower rate
  • Experienced lenders who will guide you through every step
  • Personalized, dedicated service

Please print out the application, complete the form and mail or bring it to the bank.