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Mobile Wallet Payments


Mobile Wallet Payments

Use your State Bank debit card right from your mobile device. Shop in-store, in-app, or online without having to reach for your wallet. Just add your debit card to your favorite digital wallet today!  For more information and instructions on how to start, click the links below:

Apple Pay®
Google Pay™

Mobile Wallet Payment Security Benefits

Did you know making purchases through a mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay is one of the most secure ways to use your debit card? Read on to learn why!

  • Mobile wallets allow you to make secure payments without exposing your card numbers to fraudsters. 
  • When you add your debit card number to your mobile wallet, it is converted into a virtual account number. Your mobile wallet will use this virtual account number when you make purchases. 
  • Each individual transaction creates a one-time token that is assigned to your card. Your card number is never seen by the merchant or stored on your device. That unique token is only good on your device.