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Trust Services

Trust Services

Assistance When Your Family Needs it Most

The State Bank Trust Department specializes in the administration of many different types of accounts. Our Trust Professionals can assist you in determining what type of account is right for you. Services for the following account types are available through the Trust Department.

Living Trust

A Living Trust is a revocable arrangement whereby the grantor transfers ownership of property to a trust account. The trustee is responsible for the investment decisions and a periodic review of the assets in the trust. The main benefits of a living trust are the professional investment management and continuity of the account in the event of death or incapacity of the grantor. The grantor has the choice of naming himself, a family member, a friend, or a corporate fiduciary (like State Bank) to serve as trustee. This form of trust gives the grantor the freedom to make modifications to his/her trust as changes occur in his/her life.

Investment Management Agency Account

An Investment Agency arrangement allows the bank trust department to professionally manage the assets placed in the account. The benefits of an investment agency account include professional investment management, custody, bill paying, and record keeping. This type of relationship ends at the death of the grantor where a trust relationship can continue after the grantor's death.

Custodial Account

A contractual relationship where the trustee/agent is responsible for physical protection and safekeeping of the client's assets. This allows you to save time and reduce your paperwork by letting us do the record keeping while you make all of the investment decisions.

Estate Settlement

This process includes the gathering of your assets at death to create a financial inventory and the distribution of these assets to your heirs per the terms of your will or trust document. We will work closely with your attorney, accountant or financial advisor to be sure that your wishes are carried out in an unbiased, orderly fashion. Our years of estate settlement experience can be a welcome service to your family in a very difficult time.

Irrevocable & Testamentary Trusts

A trust relationship where the trustee manages the assets of the trust per the terms of the trust document. The trustee will make distributions, pay bills, review assets periodically, provide professional investment management services, etc. to benefit both the income beneficiaries and the remainder men, if applicable.

A testamentary trust is created in a will and an irrevocable trust is created by the living trust document, but comes into effect (irrevocable) after the death or incapacity of the grantor.


A court appointment where the trustee/guardian will manage all of the property of a disabled adult or a minor. A guardian is often used to relieve family members or friends of the burden of managing the beneficiary's assets.

Investments provided through the State Bank Trust Department and/or Savant Wealth Management are not FDIC insured. There is no financial institution guarantee. Your account may lose value. Not a deposit, not insured by any federal government agency. 

Visit our Identity Theft Security and Education Center pages to learn more about how to protect your accounts from identity theft and fraud!