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Super Saver Children's Savings Account

Are you ready to learn the power of saving?

Join State Bank and the Super Saver Dude in the action-packed world of banking!  The Super Saver Dude is ready to help you learn to save! By saving your pennies, your account can become as strong as a superhero! When you fly with the Super Saver Dude, you can earn:

  • A prize for each deposit
  • Rewards for report card A’s
  • The Super Saver Sentinel newsletter mailed right to your house
  • Birthday surprises 
  • An invitation to our annual Super Saver Shindig
  • And more!

Zoom on into State Bank with your parent or guardian today to learn more about the power of saving!    

Parents: Read Here! 

State Bank’s Super Saver account is designed for children to start understanding the importance of saving in a fun environment! 

There is no service charge for this interest-bearing account, and kids are encouraged to stop in the bank to earn rewards for deposits and report card grades.  Minimum deposit to open: $10

Other benefits of being a Super Saver include:

•  The Super Saver Sentinel Newsletter filled with educational banking information for your child 
•  Invitation to our annual Super Saver Shindig
•  Birthday surprises
•  And more! 

Stop in today and visit a State Bank Representative for more information about this exciting way to show kids how much fun being a Super Saver can be!